"From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived"

by Craig Scott
  • 05 november

    I took a week off from work. It's been 2 days since I couldn't sleep a wink after they announced that a massive asteroid would hit the Earth. I spent night and day reading on what could that mean, what can be done and how can I increase my chances of survival.

    I'm afraid this might be the end of us. The Government tells us to stay calm as the asteroid will hit far from our country, and everything will be fine here. But why aren’t they answering the journalists? What are they hiding? Could this be the end of humanity?

    It's funny how now everyone shares videos and news with scientists that started to warn us about this possible scenario a year ago. Did anyone care back then? No, we preferred sharing videos with monkeys that faint while smelling their asses.Good job humanity!!

  • 08 november

    I managed to catnap a couple of times, but the outside noise woke me up. The asteroid hit the Earth and here it was only the shock wave that was felt. I don't even know what day it is…my head feels so heavy. It's like the asteroid hit me, not the Earth.

    I know I should be grateful… After all, I've survived. I keep telling myself we'll get through this, but I still have a terrible feeling about this event.

    People started to post and share all sorts of conspiracy theories on social media, saying that there was actually a nuclear bomb or that we were attacked by aliens. I don't know what to think anymore. I wish we could go back to the monkeys and their buts.

    The Government keeps telling us to remain calm without offering any answers to the press. Some news announced that important government members hid in a nuclear bomb bunker and started to bring in some scientists, maybe even some wealthy people? Why would they do this after assuring us that everything will be OK?

    What's actually happening? Are we really OK and safe?!

  • 12 november

    TV and Social Media have gone wild, lots of videos go viral almost instantly: an Italian chick posted a video with a volcano that just erupted. It was crazy, people running everywhere, taken by surprise.

    Some people from Indonesia and Chile posted other volcanoes erupting. I guess it’s a thing now. Boy, am I happy there are no volcanoes near me.

    In Japan, there was a vlogger hit by a Tsunami in the middle of his live video. Some say that it was more than 500m high and completely destroyed an entire town.

    In some countries, I've read that people have gone wild, acting like animals in the middle of the streets, turning everything into chaos. I guess it’s just the panic talking, maybe stacking toilet paper.

    A guy from California posted a video with a so-called spaceship. He's saying that he's been working on it for one of the wealthiest men in the world. Some commented that it must be Elon Musk's Arch.

    Hundreds of earthquakes have been reported, and all I can think of is the San Andreas movie with that apocalyptic script.

    Most of the states declared some emergency protocols, and now my company is closed for the next 2 weeks. Somehow I am glad as I am so tired and out of focus. I guess nobody is in the mood for working nowadays.

  • 17 november

    In the last couple of days, all the extreme phenomena have gotten worse worldwide, and tens of millions of people have died. Landslides in the weirdest of places, entire cities gone, just like that, in a matter of hours. Storms hit hard in most parts of the globe.

    Like always, the authorities are completely overwhelmed by the situation.

    In many countries, including ours, all activities are suspended, the army was sent on the street and we are in total lockdown. After all, we're the Covid-19 generation… we're used to being isolated for weeks on end, that virus marked us for life.

  • 21 november

    What if we'll face Hell on Earth? Did the impact crack the Earth open? Is it possible that the Earth will self-destruct now? My mind is filled with all kinds of scenarios of cataclysms I have seen in movies, and I have some weird anxiety vibes. Being indoors for some time now gives me enough time to think and imagine what could possibly have happened outside.

    I managed to survive the impact, but now I feel that all this chaos drags me in. I've made supplies just in case, and I have barricaded myself in the apartment.

    Finally, some good news. It seems that in the last 24 hours, the number of extreme phenomena has significantly dropped and on TV they say the world is preparing for recovery and get back to normal. Whatever that means… only God knows.

  • 23 november

    Some people have gone completely crazy. A guy killed his entire family, including his pets and even 13 neighbors. Jeeeeez… the world we live in!

    Now, this is incredibly uncommon. On the news, it is announced that suicides exploded, like 10 times more than in the same period last year. What could drive people to kill themselves in such a high number? I am sure is not the isolation ...

    Something weird is definitely happening. Two of the vloggers I follow started to talk incoherently, jabbering and slurring. I can't help but wonder… What if aliens do actually exist, and they are beginning to take over our minds?

    ... reading out loud my last phrase made me think of a person on drugs who speaks nonsense. Not the case, but I am not feeling OK.

  • 24 november

    I thought the worst it’s over ...

    It was announced that the number of suicides and aggressions has alarmingly risen.

    Today I saw so many videos of people who started to attack and bite other people. Some reported they saw that some of them were eating other people's flesh and body parts. Literally made me vomit. I always thought that the pandemic and the lockdowns were the worst things I’d be living through, this is so much worse.

    They called them zombies. Oh my God, what is happening? Is this what Hell looks like?! I thought movies like The Walking Dead were just pure fiction, but probably there is an explanation … at least I hope so.

    I wanted to get fresh air, and when I stepped outside my apartment, someone jumped at me. Just like that! Maybe some neighbor?! I didn’t even see him coming. Everything was so fast, I just pushed him away over the railing. He fell from the 3rd floor. I was so scared and I got immediately back inside. My arm is full of blood. I can't remember if it's from a bite or a cut. What if it is a bite and it will transform me into a zombie? I grabbed rubbings alcohol and poured as much as I could. Am I safe now, or should I write my last words?

    The day is not over yet, and nobody came to ask anything about the man who fell. I tried all day long to call the police, but nobody answered. What the hell is going on?

    Here is the end of the day, power failure was inevitable and now I’m left in the dark, only with the moon. Luckily I have candles and if I’m smart with the reserves, they could last me for a while, plus the flashlights.

  • 26 november

    Still no power, and now there is no internet on my phone. I have a battery-powered radio that used to be my companion on my fishing days.

    There is very little information and only a few stations that broadcast. The main subject is a potential virus or parasite that affects our brain, turning us into aggressive and paranoid people. We've been told not to drink tap water and to wear masks. But who dares go outside?

    A man's deep voice on the radio with a bit of a British accent announced that more governments deployed atomic bombs, killing hundreds of millions, and he said to say our prayers as this is the end of humanity!

    In the last couple of days, I'd heard people shouting and fighting each other, and it felt like The Exorcist movie. On the streets, soldiers started to kill each other and other people, and some just jumped from rooftops or balconies. I still refuse to believe it's real. I’m even afraid to look over the window.

    Maybe I am just hallucinating because of the isolation? Am I infected, and none of this is real? I am too afraid to get out of my apartment to check. Or maybe, it's like in the LOST movie, I died, and now I am in Hell or mid-way to Hell or Heaven?

    I've started to have negative thoughts, but something holds me from doing it. It's like an urge to do it, similar to what I've felt when I quit smoking… It's a temptation hard to refuse.

  • 27 november

    It's getting harder and harder for me to understand what they are saying on the radio station. Looks like some scientist broadcast now.

    It's not parasites, but some unknown virus, maybe from the asteroid, rapidly spread through air and water after the impact. They don't know for sure. The virus makes people very aggressive and paranoid until they kill each other or even themselves as an effect of their hallucinations.

    The alien thought is back, what if they did this to conquer the planet?

    I literally don't know what is real and what is not. I'm trying to sleep, but I can't. Everything is like a terrible nightmare that I can't wake up from. My hand is shaking so badly as if I were naked at the North Pole.!

  • 28 november

    I managed to sleep more than usual.

    I don't hear any more noises. A peak-trough the window revealed a cute Bichon walking disoriented between corpses. A brown striped cat lays on a dumpster, and on my windowsill, some pigeons seem to play and enjoy their day. Animals look fine. Probably they weren't affected by this virus. Or it's just in my head… who knows?! However, I am glad that all the negative thoughts vanished.

    I'm still shitless scared to leave my home. Time passes incredibly slowly, as if I lived in slow motion. Food is almost over, and water supplies will be enough for 5 more days, maximum. I have to master the courage to go outside.

  • 01 december

    It's the first time I got out on the streets since the impact. I've gotten to such horrible mental exhaustion that I honestly don't care what could possibly happen. I managed to get in the shop closest to my apartment, but my flesh crawled after seeing how people literally ripped each other apart with bare hands. There were limbs scattered all over, crows pecking at what was left.

    I managed to find more batteries for my radio in a gas station nearby. Besides the background noise, I felt like a cowboy in a western movie where the wind blows a dried bush down the street, a deserted place of dead bodies lying on the street with flies buzzing all over.

    So many dead people and nobody comes. Am I still hallucinating, or this is the reality now? Are there any other survivors? What's to be done next?

  • 05 december

    After 4 days of looking for a voice on my radio station, today I've heard it.

    It was on an AM wave, meaning that she couldn't be more than 500km away from me.

    All she was saying was, "Help, help! Can anyone hear me? Please help! We are 2 people at the TUS Radio Station".

    I got a bit emotional and cried for a moment when I realized that there are other survivors just like me.

    That woman's voice made me realize that this is it. No one is coming! We have to handle this situation on our own.

What's next?