Presale and launch date to be announced on Twitter and Discord.

Survivors Rarity

List of items

  • Backround
  • Gender
  • Skintone
  • Body type
  • Outfit
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Headtop
  • Weapons

Get this random when you mint:


Most of the survivors will be common, still very unique because 4 artists created hundreds of different charcateristics.

RARE 20%

Survivors with more rare charcteristics combined will be marked as rare.


Only 27 ultimate surviors, each one will have a different design line and will stand out trough a more detailed and artistic design with all elements unique. Six of this are the team members.

We partnered with Rarity Sniper to list our rarities and once all minted we will be listed on Rarity Tools as well.